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Church Road Working Group – Headlines


  • The Church Road Working Group has started work!
  • The developer (Stuart Wilson of Wilson Designer Homes) and others are working to sketch out realistic options for the future of the village centre. On March 24, Stuart published a new document showing some alternative layouts for the Steep in Need site. These are visible here
  • Plans are in place to provide additional channels for feedback in the next few weeks

Our Working Group is a sub-committee of the Council involving a number of Councillors and residents. It has been set-up to help the Council work its way through this very significant time of change for the centre of the village.

The Group’s full terms of reference can be seen here and its membership here. Its most important roles are:

  • To encourage proposals which help to achieve the community priorities as identified in the Steep Parish Plan
  • To improve communications to all residents about changes to the centre of the village
  • And to ensure that any consultations about those changes are as effective as possible.

The Council is fully aware that this continues to be a controversial topic which has provoked strong emotions. We are committed to encouraging calm and open debate about the Church Road site.